From field preparation and planting to crop protection and harvesting, Triangle is committed to partnering with growers and providing the agricultural services they need to be successful. Our Certified Crop Advisors have extensive training and focus on how to help our clients mitigate risk and maximize their production with adaptive solutions to challenges that arise in the ever-changing agriculture industry.

We are a full service wholesale/retail distributor of agricultural chemicals, seed, fertilizer, and technology throughout the Southeast, providing services to the row crop, vegetable, tree crop, turf, and ornamental industries. To allow our clients to keep doing what they do best, we are dedicated to logistics and transportation of the products even to your front door step.

+Certified Crop Advisors (CCA)

We are proud of our staff of Certified Crop Advisors. These individuals have gone through extensive training to obtain this license. They are each required to spend 20 hours annually in continuing education seminars to maintain this elite designation.

+Full Service Seed Supplier

Triangle is proud of its long history as a major seed distributor in the Southeast. Our partnerships with the leading seed growing companies give our customers access to the newest production lines. Our focus is on cotton, wheat, soybean, and corn varieties, but given the opportunity, we will work to provide any seed a farmer may request.

+Herbicide and Fungicide Management

The development of pest resistance to certain crop production products has brought forth a new focus for Triangle to help prescribe sound weed and disease management recommendations that help growers overcome the ever changing pest problems.

+Organic Production

Triangle offers a selection of crop protection products for the professional farmer who is raising organic crops. These insecticides, fungicides, and herbicides are OMRI certified.

+Field Mapping

Triangle works with producers to document field history and crop production records. Building this data base of production records helps producers efficiently use production materials and maximize yield on each acre.

+Crop Recommendations and Solutions

Our Certified Crop Advisors are constantly striving to help producers place the right crops and cropping systems on the appropriate acres. Custom crop recommendations are made to help growers mitigate risk and maximize production on a field by field basis.

+Custom Seed Treatment

Triangle offers producers the flexibility to add custom and prescribed seed treatment products to their seed. This technology is applied upon request in small batch capability, and we offer a wide variety of the newest solutions of seed applied products that offer value to growers through insecticides, fungicides, nutritional, and PGR products. We have the ability to handle these orders in bulk or bagged seed. We are a leading company providing innovative services to cotton, wheat, soybean, and corn growers in the seed treatment market.

+Bulk Fertilizer Handling Services

Triangle is fully involved in managing and supplying bulk fertilizers to our clients throughout the Southeast. Plant food may be applied through granular and liquid soil products. Other products may be applied through foliar based systems. Triangle works to provide these nutrients in the most practical and efficient methods.

+Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Our Integrated Pest Management service is designed to help producers develop crop plans that maximize production using the most efficient and least impactful methods of pest control, regardless of which target pest may be involved. Triangle personnel are fully trained on the most efficient and newest crop production technology to the industry. Our IPM systems are designed to comply with every labeling requirement growers may encounter.